Have You Check Mobiserv Setting?

Let's Explore MobiServ Setting...In Ths Article, we saw you some MobiServ Setting


Hello MobiServ user,

Do You Know why we had developed Mobiserv?

We develope MobiServ because users will interact with other users if they not know them. So we design our website for a show all post from all MobiServ users. But If you not like this feature you can see post only Following peoples. 

For This Just Change Store posts To People I Follow 

Now Let's View Settings


1. Profile Setting

Insert your all data like About me, Location, School, Working at, Relationship. This Will Help Another user to understand about you. You can Add your all information at Profile Setting


2.Privacy Setting

Do You Know anyone can follow you, message you, see your friends, post on your timeline, see Your birthday, See your last seen, Your activities, Status, location, search engines to index Your profile and posts??

You can change it from Privacy Setting


3.Password Setting 

if you went to change your password then you can change it from this page. Now you can see There is Two-factor authentication. You can enable or disable Two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is used when someone login in your profile you will receive a code at your email. when you enter this code then only you will able to login.


4.Manage Sessions

many users visite MobiServ from another's computer or smartphone and as you know privacy is our first priority so if you forget to log out from another device you can remove your session from this page


5.Social Links

If you went to add your other social media link you can use this page. So this link will saw in your profile.


You Can change the background of your profile from this page.