Earn Money With MobiServ

In This Article, I'll show you how can you earn money with MobiServ


Hello MobiServ Users,

Firstly Thank You For Joining MobiServ Network And Welcome to Indian Social Media.

You Can Like anyone's post, Comment on anyone's post, and Post anything and do many other cool things. You will earn money for doing this awesome thing.

Not Understand? Let me clarify for you

  • If You Refer your friend to MobiServ network you will earn 0.1$
  • If You Create post you will earn 50 points. You can post anything, for example, You can post your photos, any meaningful thought, Video etc.
  • There are many users who post daily so if you like anyone's post you will earn 5 points
  • If you Comment on anyone's photo you will earn 10 points.
  • f you are a blogger then you have great opportunity to earn money through MobiServ Network.we are giving 200 Points. But Wait... Wait... Wait First read Our Blogging Terms and Condition

Do You Have a Problem to find Your affiliate link Follow this step for sharing your referral link


  1. Go To General Setting
  2. Now Click On My Affiliates Which is located at Right Side
  3. Now you Will Find your affiliates link there. Check out below's image


Some User Have a question that they did not have PayPal Account and there is an option for PayPal email address Only, So how will they Withdraw there amount on payTM Or Any Other Method.


So Follow this Steps-:

  1. First Go To Withdraw Request page and fill up your email Account And Submit Your withdrawal request.
  2. Now Go To Contact Us Page And Fill Up Details And Send Your Paytm Information there.
  3. We will send you Payment to your desire Payment Options. Please Note That Currently, You can Withdraw your Balance once in a month.

Thats All For Today thank You For reading This Article If You Still have any Issue Please Contact Us.


Shailandra Rajput