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Ekornes Stressless - The story of modern Scandinavian furniture ECommerce Articles | June 20, 2013

Ekornes Stressless furniture is a unique product line that started out in the small town of Sykkylven, Norway. Founded by Jens Ekornes in the 1930's they began building furniture components that would eventually move them onto building furniture sold throughout the world today. In this article we'll examine what this Scandinavian furniture manufacturer does and what they're doing today to carry on the traditions of modern Scandinavian furniture designs.

Ekornes is the name of a Norway based company with its primary facilities located at J.E. Ekornes AS in Sykkylven Wholesale Taijuan Walker Jersey , Norway. Employing close to 800 people this is the primary facility that builds and manufacturers the Stressless reclining chairs and sofas. Ekornes has also purchased four other primary manufacturing facilities located throughout Scandinavia and Europe. These production facilities produce foamed plastics for their Svane line of mattresses with surplus sold to other Scandinavian manufacturers. Another of these facilities manufacturers internal and exposed wood components for sofas with parts also manufactured for the Stressless collection. Ekornes? primary facility however manufacturers its components on the premises which include sewing, upholsteryassembly, joineryvarnishing Wholesale Robbie Ray Jersey , manufacturer of steel components as well as form casting of foamed plastics. It should be noted that the production of foamed plastic at Ekornes? primary production facility does well to meet its own requirements and a considerable volume is sold to other furniture manufacturers.

Ekornes itself started out in the business of manufacturing furniture components specifically steel components. Jens Ekornes the founder visited several furniture shows and believed he could make a better mattress by engineering a new steel coil system into units and Ekornes began building its own line of mattress called Svane. Which are sold throughout the world today. Ekornes would again get into building furniture components specifically foamed plastics and wood components. The success of these new ventures would lead Ekornes to develop its own line of club furniture which it would call Ekornes. A National mailer was sent throughout Norway when the line first came out to introduce these new products which met with great success. In 1971 Ekornes would design, develop and introduce Stressless chairs. These recliners introduced new functions and innovations not previously used in recliners before. These Scandinavian made furniture lines developed from Ekornes? ability to build quality furniture components and take existing furniture lines and incorporate new design elements and innovations that use both form and function in the designs.

Scandinavian furniture has achieved world renown in the way it brings function and modern designs together to create contemporary furniture that brings purpose and use with furniture. Ekornes was able to capture these qualities in all of their furniture designs. Scandinavian furniture began to achieve global recognition in the 1950?s. The idea behind Scandinavian furniture is that it was developed from a need to make available quality affordable furniture that everyone could buy and not just a select few. The design aspects of this furniture include a modern contemporary look combining interesting shapes and forms. The function is also an important aspect to Scandinavian furniture. It must have interesting uses that create a real use allowing the furniture to blend in with its environment. Many types of furniture are part of the home but don?t fit in with the décor as a truly functional piece of furniture and that is where Scandinavian furniture excels much like the Norwegian products of Ekornes.

In this article we examined a Scandinavian furniture company called Ekornes. We took a look at some its history such as the founder Jens Ekornes and focused on his direction for the company and how it grew from a steel component supplier into an international furniture manufacturer of three popular Norwegian lines of sofas, recliners and mattresses. We also went a little more in depth and examined some of the things Ekornes factories make and how those components fit in with the products Ekornes makes. Scandinavian furniture has a rich history much like Ekornes. Cheap Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys Cheap   Wholesale Sports Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys Online   Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping   Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China   Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping